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NSA Ohio History

Founded in 1980, The National Speakers Association of Ohio is an award-winning chapter of the National Speakers Association.  Our members are professional and emerging speakers from Ohio and neighboring states, who meet regularly in Columbus, Ohio for professional development seminars, networking and sharing best practices on issues vital to professional speakers and trainers.

NSA Ohio was founded by Dr. Trudy Knox and was one of the first 15 chapters chartered by the National Speakers Association. Trudy’s vision was to bring together people who were speaking that wanted to improve their platform skills and gain a better understanding of the business side of speaking. Her grassroots efforts grew from a “Dutch Treat” format at the first meeting, to passing the hat, to our present day robust chapter which draws members from throughout Ohio and surrounding states to its half-day Chapter meetings in September, October, November, February, March April and May.  In January, a 2 1/2 hour webinar is hosted.

Named Chapter-of-the-Year in 2012, Trudy’s vision continues today as speakers, trainers, and consultants gather to network, improve their speaking platform skills, grow their businesses and learn the latest best practices business, marketing and publishing.

2020 - NSA Ohio's 40th Anniversary!

The year 2020 represents the 40th Anniversary NSA Ohio!  We will be celebrating throughout the season and continuing to thrive and grow on our three quality cornerstones of success: People, Principles and Practice.

Dreams and dedication have created this living legacy we call NSA Ohio.  The lives we live are the legacies we leave.  NSA Ohio is proud and honored to be the Ohio chapter of the National Speakers Association.


NSA Ohio is fortunate to be led by professionals who give of their time and expertise to provide the foundation for continued growth and stability.

Our members willingly donate their time and knowledge to develop the chapter and develop nationally-recognized programs including ProTrack, a comprehensive professional development program for emerging speakers and those who want to rapidly grow their speaking business.

Members serve on our board of directors, serve on national committees, speak at the national conference, manage the chapter’s financial health, lead committees, set-up A/V for each meeting and volunteer for every duty imaginable to keep the Ohio Chapter vibrant.

When you meet our members, they will talk about the “NSA Family.” This bond goes beyond professional networking, to an organization where speakers and trainers feel “at home.” Our members bring their diverse expertise, backgrounds and personalities to NSA Ohio making it a rich, vibrant tapestry.


Outstanding programs, sincere dedication to each other and strongly held beliefs underlie all that we do. As we give to each other and to NSA Ohio, we receive immeasurably more in return. Friends that last a lifetime. Skills enhancements to improve our abilities. And, opportunities to grow our businesses.

Both NSA National and NSA Ohio take ethics seriously. In fact, it is one of the four cornerstones of the organization. Respect for one another, fair play, integrity and maintaining an impeccable reputation both individually and organizationally are critically important concepts that underpin everything that we do.


The habits of participation, professionalism and personal development continue to service us well as we conduct memorable meetings, networking opportunities and continuously develop and recognize new leaders.

NSA Ohio members attend NSA national events in record numbers.

Active volunteerism and leadership at the local level often leads to opportunities at national level.